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Whole body oil massage

About charges

Oil massage and body wash

100 minutes 17,000 yen

120 minutes 20,000 yen

150 minutes 24,000 yen




Oil massage

90 minutes 14,000 yen

120 minutes 18,000 yen

150 minutes 24,000 yen

With good technique and courtesy, we will make your precious healing time fulfilling. The therapist’s heartwarming treatment should relax not only the body but also the heart.

Please try the detailed service of a Japanese female therapist.


Our place

As we have set up a pocket talk at the reception desk, it is possible to handle in multiple languages.


  • Our shop is not a sex shop.
  • There is no sexual service, so please be aware in advance
  • When you force sexual service, the therapist stops treatment.
  • In this case, no refund can be made.
  • Please refrain from the treatment purpose.
  • People who are contagious, people who are drunk, those who are ill, those who are pregnant may be refused.